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Unique personalized gifts for that special day


About Viv Love Laugh

Life is stressful, challenging and demanding. There is no shortage of things to worry about and bring us down. Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of one of these fun presents from Viv Love Laugh, it will brighten your day and give you a buzz.  Happiness has been proven to increase productivity, immunity and longevity. So, if affordable gifts you can buy for yourself and others can provide that much-needed boost to lift your spirits and improve your day, that is my gift to you.

Viv Love Laugh is launching with a line of fun gifts for couples  and their families on their wedding day: a bride box, groom box and a box for engaged couples. Both a kitchen and a baby range are in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

Wedding Party Extras

Our Satisfied Clients


"I got Vivi's Bridal box as a present the day before my wedding and it made me so happy! I got to use most of the products on the day of the wedding, while getting ready and for photos, and many of the products I use even almost a year after the wedding! The slippers, cup and hanger on a daily basis :) (Some products had goofy sayings on them that made me laugh!)"

Emette, 2021

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