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Oven Mitt/Pot Holder - Baking Theme

Oven Mitt/Pot Holder - Baking Theme

Funny oven mitts/pot holders are a great way to bring some humor into your kitchen.  I love having funny things in my kitchen,  it sets the mood for the day and puts a smile on my face. A great and inexpensive gift for your family or friends that they will love. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, shabbat or yom tov gifts etc.


Oven Mitt is right-handed and quilted on the underside with a funny design on the front.


Pot holders can be worn on either hand  and are quilted on the underside with a funny design on the front.


Both have a loop that can be used to hang them up so they can be on show to decorate your kitchen and make you smile every day. 


  • Oven Mitt/Pot Holder designs are decorated with heat transfer vinyl. They may be machine washed, but must not be put in the dryer

    NEVER iron on the designs

50.00 ₪Price
Design color
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